The Woodpile: A Homey, Wyoming- Based Listening Experience (Beartrap Summer Festival)

I’m just gonna say it. I have a musical bias – in favor of the cello. Any group that includes this warm, soul-filling instrument (see? Total bias.) is gonna be a hit with me. Lucky for those of you planning to attend the Beartrap Summer Festival, the only bias you’ll need to enjoy The Woodpile is an appreciation of  great music.

The Woodpile is an indie folk/rock band out of Laramie, Wyoming. Formed in 2016, current members include founder Evan Gwin on vocals and guitar, Brendan Ruwart (vocal, percussion, banjo), Molly DeLau (bass, cello!) Jessie Salas (cello! vocal) and Jesse Twitchell (electric guitar, vocal). They met through their connections both at the University of Wyoming music department and the Laramie community.

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